Town Official’s Directory

The Town Board

Meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of each Month  at 6:30 pm

Town of Minden Barn

134 Highway 80, Fort Plain, New York 13339


Cheryl A. Reese                    518-993-3966  or 518-224-4741

                                              email: [email protected]

Deputy Supervisor

Karolann Grimm  518-993-5331

Council members

KarolAnn Grimm  518-993-5331

Sandra Joan Eckler         518-993-2989

Thomas E. Yager            518-221-9290

Stephen R. Heiser-         518-993-2111

Town Clerk, Tax Collector, Registrar

Janet I.  Trumbull                518-993-3443       Email:   [email protected]  (Emer#) 518-993-4172

Superintendent of Highways

Scott A. Crewell                    518-993-3351           

   Email: [email protected]

Town Justice

Cindea Bradley        518-993-3616

Christopher M. Stevens     518-993-3616

Court Clerk, Loralee Whitlock   518-993-3616

Sole Assessor

Robert R. Harris     518-993-4844

Clerk of the Assessor – Vacant


Robert C. Carter                518-993-1023
email:  [email protected]

 Zoning  & Code Officer

Barry A.  Vickers                  518-993-3443 (or) 315-429-9383

Dog Control Officer, Rabies Response Agent

James H . Brownell              518-993-5190

Town Attorney

John L. Kirkpatrick               518-993-4391

Town Health Officer

Patricia A. Prime                    518-993-2851

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